New Work-in-Progress file: 4 Apr 2019

Published on 05 April 2019

An updated WIP file has details of latest BBRC decisions and submissions (at 04 Apr 2019). Please can all interested parties check the file carefully and send in any currently non-submitted records, either to the relevant county/national recorder or direct to BBRC.  Good progress is being made with 2018 records which will ensure the annual BBRC […]

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BBRC list changes, 1 Jan 2019

Published on 01 April 2019

LESSER YELLOWLEGS and ARCTIC WARBLER have been removed from the BBRC list. Both these species now satisfy the relevant criteria for change of status, i.e. they both average more than 10 records per year over the most recent decade and show sufficiently low variation in annual totals. Records of Lesser Yellowlegs and Arctic Warbler from 1 […]

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