The Slender-billed Curlew

Published on 13 April 1999

The record of Slender-billed Curlew reported from Druridge Pools, Northumberland on 4th-7th May 1998 has aroused a lot of interest both nationally and internationally. Because of this, and because of some of the rumours we all hear, BBRC wishes to tell everyone of the progress of the record and why we believe that the assessment […]

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Following information provided by the RSPB, BBRC decided, at the last AGM, to stop considering White-tailed Eagles from 1st January 1999. In the last few years there have been at least 34 eagles fledged in Scotland which have not been wing-tagged and this number represents a fair proportion of the successful fledglings. Recent research from […]

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Kumlien’s Gull

Published on 12 October 1998

BBRC will not consider records from 1st Jan 1999. Following the summer meeting of the BBRC at Portland we have decided that we will no longer consider records of Kumlien’s Gull Larus glaucoides kumlieni from 1st January 1999. BBRC feels that there are a number of problems with this form: Since the recent interest in […]

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New species considered by the Committee

Published on 01 July 1998

It has always been the policy of the BBRC that the list of species they consider is not unchangeable. Species that have become more common are taken off the list but species can also be re-admitted if suitable circumstances arise. The development of the scarce migrant database of the United Kingdom and Ireland by Peter […]

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