Committee membership

Published on 04 January 2009

As no alternative nominations for election to BBRC were received, the Committee’s nominee, Richard Millington (see Brit. Birds 102: 105), will commence his term of office on 1st April 2009. We welcome Richard, who replaces our longest-serving member Brian Small, although we are delighted to retain Brian as the Committee’s Museum Consultant. In addition, Phil […]

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‘Siberian Chiffchaff’ in Britain

Published on 10 January 2008

The review of records of ‘Siberian Chiffchaff’ Phylloscopus collybita tristis during 2008 has established that this taxon (or at least birds that can be assigned to tristis/‘fulvescens’) occurs too frequently to be considered a BBRC rarity. BBRC is extremely grateful to those observers and recorders who cooperated with this review and submitted documentation to support […]

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BBRC welcomes two new members

Published on 07 January 2008

Paul French has been elected unopposed as the next new voting member of BBRC following a recent call for nominations. The vacancy has arisen with the elevation of Adam Rowlands to chairman. Paul’s experience is extensive both in the UK and abroad with a host of high quality (and difficult) rarity finds to his name, […]

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Species and subspecies reviews

Published on 03 December 2007

The Druridge Bay Slender-billed Curlew Numenius tenuirostris review also continues. With regard to the curlew, we have gathered all the material from previous recirculations, which established that the Committee have not formally reviewed some of the video evidence collected at the time. We are in the process of gathering this material, but would be grateful […]

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BBRC seeks a new member

Published on 07 October 2007

With Adam Rowlands taking over as non-voting chairman of BBRC from April 2008, BBRC requires a replacement voting member. Membership brings with it insight into identification and record assessment and is a unique experience for anybody with interest and experience of rare birds in Britain. It is always challenging and never dull. The successful candidate […]

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BBRC appoints a new chairman

Published on 23 July 2007

After 18 years involvement with the British Birds Rarities Committee, the last 11 as chairman, Colin Bradshaw will retire in 31st March 2008. His outstanding managerial skills and vision have steered the committee through times of great and often difficult change. These have included unprecedented developments in identification and taxonomy, the move to electronic submission […]

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New chairman for BBRC

Published on 04 May 2007

On 1st April 2008, Colin Bradshaw will retire as chairman of BBRC after a total of 19 years on the committee, including 11 as chairman. We are seeking nominations for a new appointment to this administrative position. The successful candidate will be involved in setting the direction of and overseeing the development of BBRC during […]

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BBRC appoints Nigel Hudson as new secretary

Published on 19 March 2007

Following the sad death of Mike Rogers late last year after a quarter of a century of selfless service, BBRC has now appointed a new secretary. The specification set was extraordinarily demanding. The successful applicant was required to not only to be organised, knowledgeable, motivated, a communicator with good writing skills and a background in […]

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BBRC welcomes two new members

Published on 01 February 2007

At the end of this “voting year” Paul Harvey and John Martin will retire from BBRC. They will be difficult to replace after a decade of very hard and often difficult work. This year we were in the privileged position of having no less than 5 outstanding candidates for the 2 vacant positions, and the […]

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Election to the BBRC 2007

Published on 08 December 2006

Due to the impending retirement of Paul Harvey and John Martin from the BBRC in spring 2007 we are looking for two new member to start in April 2007. The following individuals have been nominated for the positions. Chris Batty: Lancs As well as a natural enthusiasm for rarities, Chris Batty is a trainee ringer, […]

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