BBRC Says goodbye to birders favourites

Published on 12 January 2006

The number of records the BBRC assesses has grown rapidly, whilst at the same time some observers are becoming more reticent about submitting descriptions for species they feel are ‘less’ rare. Following a consultation with county recorders and records committees, to control this increasing workload BBRC has decided to take a number of Britain’s best-loved […]

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BBRC Dumps Black Brant

Published on 07 June 2005

At its 2005 AGM the British Birds Rarities Committee agreed to withdraw Black Brant Branta bernicla nigricans from the list of rare species and races that it considers from 1st July 2005. BBRC believes that whilst Black Brant is still undoubtedly a rare bird, the number of returning individuals has increased observer familiarity with this […]

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James Lidster is new BBRC member

Published on 04 April 2005

BBRC is pleased to announce that James Lidster as been elected, unopposed, as the new member for 2005 for the rarities committee. James has all the qualities required for our needs. These include; A widely acknowledged expertise in identification, Proven reliability in the field A track record of high quality submissions of descriptions of scarce […]

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While this may seem an extraordinary question, it was one of the major agenda items during the 2004 BBRC Annual Business Meeting, held at Dungeness Bird Observatory, in Kent, in February. Debating our remit will help with some of the increasingly complex decisions we now have to make. These range from general issues such as […]

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BBRC have recently completed detailed assessments of several claims of African Chaffinches Fringilla coelebs africana/ spodiogenys. So far, claims of six different individuals have been assessed, including the first, well publicised bird, in Essex in 1994 All of the birds assessed so far have certainly shown features which are strongly reminiscent of male African Chaffinches […]

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BBRC had received no further nominations of birders with a working knowledge of record assessment in Wales by the closing date of 1st May. Because of this we are delighted to announce that Phil Bristow will become the next member of BBRC. Phil is well-known to Welsh birders and has served on the Glamorgan Records […]

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Nominations for election 2002

Published on 05 January 2002

Following the request for nominations for BBRC membership published in the autumn, BBRC are pleased to announce that there will be an election for the new member for 2002.County records and bird observatory records committees vote in the election that will take place in mid-January and we will announce the results in early February. We […]

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Election Announcement

Published on 05 November 2001

Ken Shaw, as the longest serving member of BBRC, is due to retire on 1st April 2002. Ken has been a member of BBRC since 1994 and has helped us enormously with his extensive knowledge of both birds and observers. He was particularly interested in seabird records and the psychology of birding and birders. We […]

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Either/or Records

Published on 31 August 2001

The British Birds Rarities Committee decided to change the way it considers records of certain hard-to-identify species pairs at their AGM in March 2001. Traditionally BBRC has accepted species pairs of some groups such as the praticoles Glareola and Bee-eaters Merops, that had previously been considered straight-forward in the generic identification but exceptionally tricky in […]

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Species removed from BBRC list

Published on 30 July 2001

At this year’s AGM of BBRC we decided that the following species will not be considered by BBRC from 1st Jan 2002 Black-crowned Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax American Wigeon Anas americana Rose-coloured Starling Sturnus roseus All three satisfy the statistical requirements for removal from the BBRC list that more than 150 individuals have occurred during […]

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