As the story below says, Andy Stoddart was appointed Vice Chairman at our recent AGM and a part of his role was to help with explaining BBRC’s position on new taxa, especially those within the RIACT umbrella. The first outcome of that is his article on Stonechats where new splits etc have created new taxa […]

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Although not published for a number of years, the ‘sister’ report to BBRC’s “Rare Birds in Great Britain” report is the “Scarce Migrant Report”. This will now be published in British Birds as a major set of articles, over the next 6 months covering Scarce Migrants from 2004 to 2010 inclusive. It will be published […]

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2013 Carl Zeiss Award

Published on 19 June 2013

At the 2013 BBRC AGM in Conwy we discussed the parameters and reasons for selecting the winning entry.  The ‘rules’ say that Images are to be judged as those most instructive in helping the BBRC’s assessment.  We agreed that it is perfectly acceptable to consider images that have been imperative in clinching the identification, as […]

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Is the pattern of rarities changing?

Published on 10 June 2013

Just an observation: As part of my method to keep an check on submissions coming in to BBRC I have an expected  pattern of numbers (of rare birds) that will occur in each month, based on what has happened in previous years. Then as records come in I can compare the number expected with what […]

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The current Work-in-Progress (WIP) file shows 6 records for Marmora’s Warbler as being back ‘in circulation’. This has NOTHING to do with the acceptability of these records – they remain OK you will be glad to hear! BBRC have been intending to review the records to determine if they could be assigned to sub-species for […]

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Olive-backed Pipit no longer BBRC

Published on 01 May 2013

As from January 1st 2013 Olive-backed Pipit will no longer be a BBRC species. This delightful ‘Sibe’ has been showing a steady increase in numbers recently with typically from 10 to 20 birds each year. But in 2012 there was a major influx of close to 50 birds, and that meant our criteria for removal […]

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Missing Records from 2012

Published on 12 April 2013

At this time of year we try to chase down the few missing records that we have not yet received, especially those for which there is a photograph. This year there are 26, although if we ignored the Glossy ibis and the Cat D species then it is just 18. Here they are. Ref.No. Species […]

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Helping Nature Iraq Bird Records Committee

Published on 09 April 2013

In a recent Work-in-Progress file some of you spotted 3 records for the ‘County’ of Iraq! Well it was correct although it was not intended to leave them in the WIP file. We are occasionally asked by countries that are beginning to create the infrastructure for bird recording about the methods we use, and wherever […]

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A way forward with Canada Geese

Published on 27 March 2013

After a request for claims of ‘Lesser’ Canada Geese we have now decided on an acceptable taxonomy to process them. The full details are in the “Species & RIACT”pages here These Species pages will become a major source of information on how various taxa are handled by BBRC. Be patient, but information on more species […]

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