7. Other matters


7.1   Improvements to the Constitution (public involvement with the Committee)

The Committee is fully conscious it must command the continuing confidence of the birding community including County Recorders, or it would not be able to function. BBRC has no automatic or legal expectation that birders submit records to them. The Committee can only perform its task of record assessment and keeping of the national record with the goodwill and co-operation of the majority of birders in the Country.  Confidence in the Committee’s fairness and efficiency is essential.

Any suggested improvements in its operation are always welcome and should be sent to the Secretary. These will be considered by the Chair and Secretary, in consultation with the other members of the Committee; changes to the Constitution will only be made in consultation with the board of BB 2000 Ltd.

7.2 BBRC is not a ‘Court of Law’

The BBRC tries to achieve a high degree of accuracy in the assessment of records. However, the assessment process and onus of proof for acceptance does place an emphasis on ensuring Accepted records are as claimed, whilst Not Proven records can still possibly be as claimed; hence the use of the term ‘Not Proven’. We do not claim to be a ‘Court of Law’ and fully respect that some observers will disagree with some of our decisions. 

7.3 Requests regarding non-BBRC Rarities

We will not enter into correspondence with observers regarding decisions made by County Rarity Committees on local rarities.

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