For the first time we have teamed up with the Sound Approach, providing links from our website to hear vocalisations of BBRC species.  The 2012 BBRC Annual Report is published in the October issue of British Birds, where readers can enjoy extended commentary on the record numbers of Baillon’s Crake Porzanna pusilla and Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni recorded that year.  All the spring and summer crake records were located by sound and documented with recordings.  This provoked some debate regarding the calls that were heard and documented.  Further information on the calls of this species can be found on the Sound Approach website.  This link will also take you to recordings of the calls of migrant Olive-backed and Tree Pipits A. trivialis, comparing the two species and the challenges of separating them on sound.  As the assessment of Olive-backed Pipit passes from BBRC in 2013, it is hoped that this analysis will assist local and regional committees, as well as rarity finders in the UK.  We are extremely grateful to the Sound Approach for this assistance, particularly Magnus Robb, and hope to bring further linked files in the future.