Species and subspecies reviews

Published on 03 December 2007

The Druridge Bay Slender-billed Curlew Numenius tenuirostris review also continues. With regard to the curlew, we have gathered all the material from previous recirculations, which established that the Committee have not formally reviewed some of the video evidence collected at the time. We are in the process of gathering this material, but would be grateful if any observers with video evidence of the bird are willing to submit this for review (please contact the Chairman).

We are also still considering records of Canada Geese (to determine the first records of wild Greater Branta canadensis and Lesser Canada Goose B.hutchinsii for Britain and then to determine if each species should be considered as national rarities). We have decided that records of Snow Goose Anser caerulescens will not be considered (contra Brit.Birds 99:623). Vagrants do appear to reach Britain on a reasonably regular basis, but introduced or escaped birds continue to cloud the issue; also, for this species, the volume of records exceeds that which is deemed appropriate for its consideration as a rarity. Still on the theme of wildfowl, note that the Devon Falcated Duck Anas falcata has been re-aged as a first-winter (contra Brit.Birds 100: 751); reasons for this correction will be published in British Birds in due course.