BBRC seeks a new member

Published on 07 October 2007

With Adam Rowlands taking over as non-voting chairman of BBRC from April 2008, BBRC requires a replacement voting member. Membership brings with it insight into identification and record assessment and is a unique experience for anybody with interest and experience of rare birds in Britain. It is always challenging and never dull. The successful candidate would be expected to be a highly experienced observer with a strong record of rarity finding and an outstanding knowledge of bird identification, preferably also including an involvement in rarity assessment at a local or regional level. They would also need to have the capacity and time to process records quickly and efficiently and nowadays IT skills and competence are also essential. Additional skills are always welcome, whether these are scientific, artistic, administrative or something else.

As always we will accept nominations from any part of the country, but in order to maintain a geographical spread of members we would particularly welcome nominations from the East of England or East Anglia on this occasion. The nomination process requires a proposer and seconder to forward the name, with the knowledge and agreement of the nominee, to the outgoing chairman by the 31st December 2007. If there is more than one nomination an election will be held in the normal way; the electorate comprises county recorders and bird observatories.

On this occasion there is a BBRC nominee. Paul French came a close 3rd in last years election. Based in Lincolnshire where he found last years Buff-bellied Pipit, Paul has also lived in the West Midlands, London, Essex and Shetland. He is a ringer, worked as Assistant Warden on Fair Isle for two seasons, spent two months at Eilat and Dungeness and a short while at Long Point, Canada. He has travelled extensively and is a prolific finder of rare birds in Britain, Europe and further afield. In the UK he has found and identified Black-faced Bunting, Olive-backed, Red-throated and Pechora Pipits, Wilson’s Petrel, several Citrine Wagtails, Lanceolated Warbler, Two-barred Crossbills and many others. He has also found rarities in China, Thailand and Israel. He is familiar with record assessment having been involved with a number Lincolnshire county rarities.

Any nominations should be sent to Colin Bradshaw by email ([email protected]) or by post (9 Tynemouth Place, North Shields, Tyne and Wear) by 31st December 2007.

For further information on this release contact Jimmy Steele on [email protected]