BBRC appoints Nigel Hudson as new secretary

Published on 19 March 2007

Following the sad death of Mike Rogers late last year after a quarter of a century of selfless service, BBRC has now appointed a new secretary. The specification set was extraordinarily demanding. The successful applicant was required to not only to be organised, knowledgeable, motivated, a communicator with good writing skills and a background in bird recording, they also had to be expert in appropriate aspects of IT including web design and database management. All of this for a very modest honorarium. Despite this exacting specification we received 5 extraordinarily high quality applications. After further short-listing and a series of telephone interviews BBRC are pleased to announce that Nigel Hudson has been appointed as the new Secretary. We would like to extend our wholehearted congratulations to Nigel, but also to thank the 4 other outstanding applicants: Lee Evans, Rob Fray, Andy Musgrove and Keith Naylor could all have filled the role with great credit.

Nigel is based in the Isles of Scilly and will be familiar to many birders who visit in the autumn. His background and knowledge of bird recording and management will be a real asset to the committee, whilst his ability to handle all the relevant aspects of IT should make the final transition to an almost completely paperless system a reality.

For further information contact Jimmy Steele [email protected]