BBRC seeks a new Secretary

Published on 01 May 2022

After nearly six years in the role, Chas Holt will be stepping down as Secretary at the end of the current report cycle in September. Chas has brought a incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role of Secretary and will be sorely missed.

Consequently, BBRC is seeking a new Secretary. We hope to have a new person in place in time to shadow Chas for a month or two before taking over fully in the autumn. A brief job description appears below, and we welcome any expressions of interest in the role, which also comes with a small stipend. Further enquiries should be directed to Paul French ([email protected]).

Role of Secretary  

  • To receive and circulate submissions of records
  • To collate results of voting
  • To ensure the safe archiving of all submitted documentation and Voting Members comments
  • To liaise with observers and County Recorders where necessary for further information
  • To coordinate re-circulations and record reviews
  • To deal with correspondence as required
  • To liaise with the Chair as appropriate
  • To provide information for the website as appropriate
  • To announce significant developments in relation to the Secretarial role, in consultation with the Chair
  • To provide statistics and data for the annual report, and co-ordinate its production in conjunction with the Editor of British Birds

Note: The Secretary is a non-voting position on all record assessments and cannot be a Voting Member of the Committee.

Necessary Qualifications

The Secretary should have:

  • Experience with IT systems, including at the very least a working knowledge of excel, and preferably other databases
  • An ability to manage large volumes of data from a variety of sources to pre-determined timescales
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • An ability to think and work strategically
  • The ability to liaise with other members of the Committee, County Recorders and observers
  • Experience of data collection, preferably relating to bird records
  • A knowledge of and interest in rare birds and the BBRC

The Chair will select the Secretary on behalf of the Committee; this appointment will be subject to approval by, and formally appointed by, the board of BB 2000 Ltd.  The Secretary will be required to sign a contract provided by the board of BB 2000 Ltd. On appointment, the Secretary will work initially for 12 months during which period the appointment may be terminated by either party giving one month’s notice. Thereafter, if the appointment is confirmed, it will be subject to termination by either party giving at least six months written notice. An annual appraisal will be held, conducted by the Chair and a representative of the board of BB 2000 Ltd. The Secretary is reappointed annually by the Voting Members at the AGM. There is no maximum term of office.