BBRC seeks 2 new members

Published on 11 September 2006

BBRC is seeking 2 new members to replace Paul Harvey and John Martin who are retiring after many years of outstanding service. The criteria for nominations are not changed from previous years:

The prime qualifications of candidates are;

  • A widely acknowledged expertise in identification,
  • Proven reliability in the field
  • A track record of high quality submissions of descriptions of scarce and rare birds to county records committees and BBRC
  • Easy access to, knowledge of and willingness to use IT extensively
  • Considerable experience of record assessment
  • The capacity to handle the volume of work involved in assessing upwards of 600 records per year.
  • The capacity to work quickly and efficiently
  • Regional credibility

Last year we elected 2 new members and both were BBRC nominations, so this year we are not intending to have BBRC nominations and are looking for nominations from as wide a base as possible and are interested in any skills that you can bring to the committee. Neither are we particularly tied to geographical replacements. The two retiring members are from the Northern Isles and South-west England. Whilst the volume of records from the former is such that we would particularly encourage nominations from the area, we are already well represented in the south west and so would welcome nominations from anywhere in Great Britain.

BBRC membership brings with it insight into identification and record assessment and is a unique experience for anybody with interest and experience of rare birds in a British context. It is always challenging and never dull.

Nominations, with details of proposer and seconder should be sent to the chairman at [email protected] by 1st December 2006.