BBRC aim to go paperless for 2007 records

Published on 23 March 2006

At the 2006 AGM the British Birds Rarities Committee decided that it would become paperless for all records from 1st January 2007. Whilst we will continue to accept paper submissions from individuals after that date we hope that all counties and most individuals will be submitting by email or on a new web-based system.

Any paper submissions will have to be scanned in by the BBRC secretary prior to circulation and this could be an enormous workload so we do require support from as many people submitting records as possible.

BBRC will pilot the system for 2006 records and would prefer email submissions for all records from 1st Jan 2006. However, we realise this could have significant implications for some counties who may not be able to put changes in place to comply with this time-frame. Because of this a dual system will operate in 2006 but for those submitting by email we would prefer descriptions in Word but with any photos or sketches as separate JPEGS and not embedded in the document.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected]