BBRC had received no further nominations of birders with a working knowledge of record assessment in Wales by the closing date of 1st May. Because of this we are delighted to announce that Phil Bristow will become the next member of BBRC. Phil is well-known to Welsh birders and has served on the Glamorgan Records Committee. He has a wide interest in identification and migration and has travelled extensively in N America, Asia, Africa and the Western Palearctic.

He replaces Grahame Walbridge who will retire on 1st September, having stayed on an extra five months to help us out. BBRC wishes Grahame well but he will get no well-earned rest as not only has he been elected onto the British Ornithologists Union Records Committee [BOURC] but will also maintain a role in the subspecies group of BBRC [RIACT] where his extensive knowledge of plumage and variation will continue to be an invaluable resource.