BBRC reaches 60 years!

Published on 09 August 2019

The BBRC was formed in 1959 – meaning this year marks 60 years of record assessment. We are grateful to have received birthday wishes from a host of other groups and national committees, listed here:

Since its foundation in 1993, the Association of European Records and Rarities Committees – AERC has always been able to rely on the cooperation of the British Birds Rarities Committee. Through competent comments and meticulously worked out positions on various topics, but also through controversial discussions, the work with rare bird species on an international level has reached high standards. The AERC congratulates the BBRC for its 60th anniversary. Patric Lorgé,  Secretary AERC

“On behalf of the Irish Rare Birds Committee, I would like to extend our warm congratulations to the BBRC on reaching its 60th Anniversary and look forward to continuing our strong collaborative relationship with you as part of the Association of European Rarity Committees for many years to come.” Kind regards, Colum Flynn, Secretary, IRBC

Turkish Bird Records’ Committee has been established in November 2013 by the group of experienced birders which administrated the records submitted to Kuşbank (Turkish Online Bird Database, today eBird Turkey). BBRC and other European committees have been a model for our development. We congratulate 60th birthday of BBRC. Kerem Ali Boyla, secretary TBRC.

On behalf of the Iran Bird Records Committee, I congratulate the BBRC on 60 years of paving the way for judging rare bird records around the world. Abolghasem Khaleghizadeh, secretary IBRC.

On behalf of Jordan Bird Records Committee, I congratulate you on your 60th birthday, wishing you many more years of success – you have paved the way for how to operate in Jordan. Fares Khoury, Chairman JBRC. 

Dear BBRC. Congratulations on reaching 60 years! The assessment of bird records has changed dramatically since 1959 but remains complex, exacting, painstaking and (occasionally) thankless, requiring a peculiar eye for detail and no little degree of diplomacy. You have set and reset the bar frequently in this field and, directly and indirectly, have inspired and helped committees like ours and elsewhere in many ways. Here’s to the next 60! Best wishes from the UAE. Oscar Campbell & Tommy Pedersen [on behalf the Emirates Bird Records Committee].

On behalf of the East African Rarities Committee, I would like to congratulate BBRC in reaching its 60th anniversary.  However this is a moment to not only celebrate this milestone, but to recognise the standard in quality and protocols set by the BBRC that we have learnt from  and used in carrying out our responsibilities as the EARC.  So a big thank you from the EARC and we wish the BBRC every continued success for the next 60 years. Nigel Hunter, Secretary, EARC.

Congratulations to the BBRC for 60 years of hard work and for setting the way for others to follow – Jane Stylianou, Chair, Cyprus Rare Birds Committee.

Happy 60th birthday to BBRC from the Oman Bird Records Committee. OBRC started 33 years ago on July 2nd, 1986 with a structure based on BBRC. Since the start, OBRC has accepted 124 new species to the Oman Bird List, an average of about four per year. Jens Eriksen, chairman, OBRC.

Dear BBRC, Congratulations for 60th anniversary of the BBRC. You don’t know but you have always been a reference standard for activity of the Polish Avifaunistic Commission. Since establishing in 1972 we have been trying to follow your standards and protocols as well as taxonomic decisions. I can hardly imagine the world without you, guys. Best wishes for the next 60 years! Tadeusz Stawarczyk, Chairman of the Polish Avifaunistic Commission

Many congratulations to the British Birds Rarities Committee on reaching it’s 60th anniversary. Thanks for leading the way with best practice when it comes to rarity committee adjudication.  Kuwait Ornithological Rarities Committee (KORC).

The Finnish National Rarities Committee wants to congratulate the BBRC for its 60th Anniversary. The BBRC has played an essential role throughout the decades what it comes to the entire rare bird recording procedure, as well as promoting bird identification in Europe and beyond. We wish you all the best and hope our collaboration continues in a fruitful manner. William Velmala, chairman The Finnish National Rarities Committee.