New Work-in-Progress file – 9 Dec 2018

Published on 09 December 2018

An updated WIP file has details of latest BBRC decisions and submissions (at 09 Dec 2018).

Please check the file carefully and send in details of any currently non-submitted records either to the relevant county recorder or direct to BBRC. We especially look forward to receiving submissions for any 2018 records that are not listed here – that will help ensure that the annual BBRC report for the year, published in BB, is as comprehensive as possible.

The file lists ‘active’ records, and so not those recently published in the 2017 Rarities Report in the October issue of BB.

Steady progress is being made on assessment of historic Cackling Geese, North American Canadas, and Little Shearwaters.  When completed, the results will appear in the next BBRC report.