The following species is now reinstated to the BBRC list:

Ferruginous Duck


Ferruginous Duck is in decline internationally and of increasing conservation concern; BBRC will continue to work closely with county recorders to ensure a robust assessment with respect to provenance of individual birds.


The following species have been removed from the BBRC list:

Black-winged Stilt  and  Red-flanked Bluetail


The increasing numbers of Black-winged Stilt and Red-flanked Bluetail in recent times have been enjoyed by many. Times have certainly changed since the much-appreciated bluetail at Winspit, Dorset in 1993!  Records of both will now be assessed by county records committees.


These three species have satisfied the relevant criteria for these changes; effective for any records from 1 January 2017.  In summary, species added to the BBRC list average less than 10 records per year over the most recent ten-year period, while species removed from the BBRC list average more than 10 records per year over the most recent ten years in combination with showing sufficiently low variation in annual totals.  The full criteria are available via the Constitution pages on the BBRC website.