Welcome to the BBRC

The BBRC is the official adjudicator of rare bird records in Britain. It publishes its annual report in the monthly journal British Birds.

These web pages supplement the Annual Report and also enable birders worldwide to keep abreast with the latest committee news.


Updated WIP file

Published on 02 April 2017

A new Work-In-Progress (WIP) file is now available – providing an update on the state-of-play with records submitted to BBRC. If you notice any obvious omissions, please remind the finder(s) to submit a description to BBRC or via the relevant county recorder.  This will help to ensure a fully comprehensive 2016 rarities report in BB later this year.

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The following species is now reinstated to the BBRC list: Ferruginous Duck   Ferruginous Duck is in decline internationally and of increasing conservation concern; BBRC will continue to work closely with county recorders to ensure a robust assessment with respect to provenance of individual birds.   The following species have been removed from the BBRC […]

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Farewell to I. James Ferguson-Lees

Published on 13 January 2017

We recently learned the sad news that James Ferguson-Lees passed away in early January 2017. He was executive editor of British Birds for 19 years from 1954 and oversaw a number of major innovations during that time and was instrumental in the establishment of both the Rarities Committee and the Rare Breeding Birds Panel. A […]

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Updated texts for warblers and Long-tailed Tit have now been added under ‘Species Information’

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New subspecies accounts added

Published on 30 March 2015

New rare subspecies accounts for ‘Treecreeper to Stonechat’ and ‘Wagtails to Buntings’ now added to ‘Species Information’ pages.

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