3. Meetings

3.1    The Annual General Meeting- AGM

3.1.1 Frequency

The full Committee meets at least once a year, normally in the spring.

3.1.2 Introduction & Matters Covered

Administrative and policy matters are the main topics to be discussed at the AGM. The AGM will have the following standing items:

-re-appointment of Chairman, Secretary and Vice-chairman

-re-appointment of any other roles such as Archivist, Genetics Consultant etc. (see Section 2.5.1)

-financial report from the Chairman

-Secretary’s report

-proposals for changes to the Constitution


In addition time will be allocated to discussing policy matters related to

-record handling & assessment


-adding or removing a taxa from being a BBRC Rarity (see Section 4.1.1 & 4.1.2)

-species & sub-species considered to be difficult to identify (see Section 4.2.3 & Appendix IV)

-other business as may be determined by the Chairman


Note: Identification matters for a species/sub-species and related topics may be covered either at the AGM or at a separate meeting, normally held in the summer. (see Section 3.2.1)

3.1.3 Those Attending

Attendance at the AGM is limited to:

-Chairman (voting)

-Secretary (voting)

-Vice-chairman (voting)

-10 Voting Members (voting)

-Those in Support Roles (see Section 2.5.1) if appropriate and by invitation from the Chairman (non-voting)

-Any member who has retired within the last three months (non-voting)

-Any member elected but waiting to take up appointment within the next three months (non-voting)

-The editor of British Birds and/or a representative from the editorial board of British Birds or board of BB2000 Ltd (non-voting)

-Chairman [or chairman elect] of BOURC and/or representatives from the BOURC or TSC (non-voting)


In exceptional circumstances, and where there is a clearly defined and specific reason, additional non-voting attendees may attend by invitation of the Chairman.

3.1.4 Voting procedures

Quorum at this meeting requires at least 6 of the persons entitled to vote. Decisions will usually be reached by consensus at this meeting but, where voting is necessary, a majority of two-thirds of those voting will be required for any change in the Constitution.

The Chairman has the casting vote.

3.1.5 Additional Sessions on Identification issues

BBRC may choose to have additional sessions at the AGM for discussion of specific identification issues.

A wider attendance at these additional sessions may include ex-members or experts in specific areas.

Attendance is by invitation of the Chairman.

3.2    Other Meetings and Decisions

3.2.1 Identification Meetings

In addition to the AGM, BBRC may have additional meetings at other times of the year. Although usually associated with identification issues, they are not limited to that area. However if policy or business components are included then they have to be approved by the Chairman. Any votes taken at these meetings should follow the voting rules in Section 3.1.4.

3.2.2 Electronic ‘Meetings’

If minor non-constitutional changes are to be introduced, such as new methods to be adopted in the handling or voting on records, then they can be discussed and voted on using electronic procedures. These will be administered by the Secretary.

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